One of the options to sell your used clothes is a consignment store. By definition, a consignment store is a platform that sells used clothes on behalf of the owner. The consignment store can pay the owner instantly or as a percentage after the cloth has been sold. To create a good relationship with consignment stores, consider the following tips:

Take time to visit consignment shops in your locality to sell clothes online

If you don’t know about any consignment store in your area, conduct research. Begin with your local search engine. Also, check out the Yellow Pages. Then, list the stores you would like to visit. You can even get recommendations from your friends and family. Consignment stores differ in quality. Therefore, take the time to conduct extensive research before you engage with them.

Gather as much information as possible about the consignment store before you sell clothes for money to them

Make time to visit or call the consignment stores that you have shortlisted to gather more information and ask pertinent questions. Key aspects that you need to ask include, whether you have to schedule an appointment to talk to them, whether or not there is a fee to pay to visit their premises, the exact fees they charge to sell clothes online for you, how the consignment store tracks purchases, how long it takes to pay you for a sold item, and the kinds and condition of clothes that the consignment store accepts.

Sort your used clothes before you sell clothes for money on consignment stores

Before you ship your used clothes to any consignment store, sort them out according to category and condition. When looking to work with consignment shops, start with used clothes that are in excellent condition. It’s also good to sort them by men’s clothing, women’s clothing and children’s clothing and type. This will help speed up processing time when you deliver them to a consignment shop.

Preparation is key before you sell clothes for money on consignment shops

Preparation involves washing, drying, ironing, as well as minor repairs. A great first impression will enable you to get the best prices for your clothes. After preparation, fold your clothes neatly and put them in a bag or hang them on hangers and ship or personally deliver them to the consignment store.


When presenting your items to the consignment store, make sure to negotiate with them to get the best prices and commission rate. Before you leave the consignment store, make sure you have a grip on the sales process, the tracking of your clothes, and how customers will pay for the clothes. Ideally, you should have every detail from dispatch to payment before you leave the consignment store.

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