Tips to Live by When Writing eBooks

With the recent popularity of Amazon, many wishes to reap the benefits of selling eBooks. There are many success stories of authors who made it big via their ability to sell eBooks online. However, there are various people who failed to leave a mark. Why? Well, they made mistakes.

Before you start to sell eBooks, you must begin by either writing a book or hiring someone to write it. it is true that online eBooks business opportunities are blossoming. But, this doesn’t mean that just any book can generate hefty income.

There are certain things you should do If you wish to become a successful self-published writer. Here are a few of them.

1. Never write about what you don’t know

There are various genres for you to write about. Examples include manuals, self-help and travel guides. Or, you can always for the classic fiction genre as well. Regardless of which type of book you end up writing, make sure you have enough knowledge about it. Just because everyone else is writing a traveling guide doesn’t mean you can too.

 Readers cannot be fooled. One bad writing and they will generate enough negative word of mouth to have a lasting impact on your future. Therefore, never take the risk of writing something you don’t know much about.

2. Don’t write based on audience needs

Yes. This is an unconventional advice. But, we stand by it. People will tell you to cater to the needs of the audience. That is true from a business perspective. But, as a writer, this means molding your work according to what your readers would want to read.

When you spend too much time thinking what others want, you will never write to your potential. The best plots are those which are unique. And uniqueness can never be gauged based on audience needs. Think about where J.K Rowling would be if she had written just another romance or classic novel.

3. Don’t write without a plan

We are sure this is something your Language teacher must have told you multiple times. Create outlines and plans before you start writing the actual draft. Why? Well, the human mind is weird. Ideas come to it at different times.

 When you brainstorm, you are able to organize these ideas. However, if you just start typing away at your laptop, the moment a plot idea hits you, your book will be all over the place. In order to prevent this disaster, plan before writing,

4. Think like a publisher

Remember. You are not just a writer. You are a self-published writer. This means you are performing two jobs. It is important for you to do justice to both these roles. Don’t just focus on writing your eBook.

Instead, put yourself in the shoes of a publisher. Make a sales plan. Think about how you will market your book. Make decisions about whether you want to use a third-party site, like Amazon, to sell your work or want to make a website of your own. If you want to do the latter, there are various eBooks websites templates that you can use.


As you can see, selling eBooks online is an art. Not everyone succeeds in making enough money off of it. If you follow these tips, the chances of your success will be higher. In today’s world, starting a business is comparatively easy. Don’t overcomplicate it all for yourself. Instead, be smart about it. Witness as your eBook climbs up the sales chart.

Sell eBooks online. Reap the benefits this newfound platform has to offer.


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